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What you should know when adding an extension to your home

So you are considering adding a room addition to your home? This is a popular choice with home owners that love their home, yet are running out of space. Adding an extra room to your current home can save money when compared with the rising prices of relocation, furthermore, a room addition could add value to your home.

Here are 5 tips when adding your new room:

  • Requirements – To get started with your new room addition project, you would need a starting point. Check out this guide for help. I would suggest a rough design/plan. This could include things like the room additions location and size. You could also consider door and window placement for the new room. Other considerations include, mains power, heating or plumbing should these be required. The more information you can put into your design/plan at this early stage can help you prepare an overall budget for both the materials and work to be carried out.
  • Finance – To get a better insight as to the overall cost of your new room addition you would need to obtain quotes. To do this you can refer back to your design/plan. Your first call could be a quote for architectural fees, an architect can ensure your design/plan for your new room addition is achievable and provide advice on materials and labor. Quotes for materials would also need to be obtained. This should include;
    • Materials for the main structure
    • Door
    • Window/s
    • Connection to mains power
    • Heating
    • Plumbing (If required)

By this stage you should have a pretty clear plan in place to pass on to a contractor, be sure to provide as much information as you possibly can so they can provide you the most accurate quote. Your architect can help with this. Gather at least three quotes from individual contractors and make comparisons as to their reputation online. This will ensure good value for money. With all this information to hand you should now have an idea of a budget to work within.

Top Must-knows When Adding an Addition to Your Home

  • Building Permission – Building permission must be obtained in the first instance before you begin building your new room addition. You will be requesting a construction license from your local authority which would set out guidelines for which you must adhere to. If you either do not have this license and commence on building your addition, or have the licence but do not meet its guidelines you may have to dismantle the whole build.
  • Contractor – Selecting a good value and reliable contractor for your new room addition can be tricky. For help with this you can look back upon your design/plan. The quotes/comparisons you had already made could be used as a guideline of what to expect in terms of price and quality of work. Do your research on contractors, look them up online and check their feedback and ratings. Also ensure your contractor has the correct insurance and license for this type of work, you could also request references for that added security.
  • Construction – Expect the unexpected. Even the best drawn plans can have the unexpected rear its head. It is advisable to allow a little bit of leeway when it comes to your budget specifically for these circumstances. The last thing you would want is the project on hold, as you are approaching completion due to some unforeseen error/event.
  • Decoration – Now comes the fun part! Hopefully you’ve left some room in the budget for home decor. Make sure you have a clear plan in your head for color schemes and furniture before you begin. You want to get your base colours all in harmony – walls, floors and large items of furniture like sofas or beds. Then you can accentuate these with more decorative pieces like cushions, wall clocks, vases and paintings. We recently discovered some excellent pieces at Simply Cushions, you can browse their online catalogue here. Purely Wall Clocks also has a range of unique clocks here.

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